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Quick Overview

100% Recyclable, Environmentally friendly
Minimal to zero maintenance
Orderless, UV resistance, Stain resistance, Anti-slippery, No rotting, No splintering

MaterialWood Plastic Composite
Material Composition

Wood Powder <60%

High-Density Polyethylene <40%

Inert Proprietary Ingredients <10%

Manufacturing ProcessExtrusion
Total Height (mm)140
Total Width (mm)19
Total Length (mm)Recommended: 1500 - Customizable
Product Weight (kg/m)1.9 ± 5%
Density (g/m^3)> 1.1
Color(s)Standard: Brown, Grey - Customizable
ApplicationUsed for fences, boundary walls and partitions
Surface Finish

Plain / Sanding / Brushing

Sanding & Embossing

Brushing & Embossing

PackagingPlastic Shrink Wrap
Ordering Options

Plain Surface / Treated Surface

Custom Color

Custom Length

Fire Rated / Not Fire Rated


All our products are produced in quality controlled environment taking into consideration food safety and hygiene standards under certified ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 9001:2008 and GMP quality management system. Our Quality System is regularly audited by third party.

Consumer Safety is extremely important for Industrium. Therefore all our food-contact materials and articles are produced taking into consideration national and international regulations, and do not transfer their constituents to the food under normal or foreseeable conditions of use. The foregoing data are without engagement and constitute the best of our knowledge; they are reliable if applied correctly and adapted to local conditions and cannot be taken as any guarantee, since the processing at the end-user are beyond our control. The above mentioned guidelines are supplied to assist the buyer in determining the proper use of products. However, because every food supplier’s recipes, ingredients, processes and supply chain are unique, these guidelines are not a substitute for product testing. Confirmation of product acceptability under customer’s specific conditions of use must be done by the customer.